Monday, October 12, 2009

exploring alamanda

I love to go shopping in Alamanda because it is the only shopping mall in Putrajaya. When we go to Alamanda there is not much traffic there which makes it easier to go to Alamanda. It is very peaceful around Putrajaya and I love it so much. The named Alamanda was called after a flower founded in Malaysia.

There are lots of stores in Alamanda such as mph bookstore, Sinma, toys ‘r’ us, famous Amos and many more. My favorite store in Alamanda is mph bookstore. It is really big and it has lots of books that I like to read. I also love to love to go to famous Amos as it has lots of interesting food like ice-cream, cookies, candies and many more.

For people who love shopping, you should go to Alamanda as it’s got many shops such as walk in shoe shop, reject shop, hush puppies, Bata, cheetah, vincci, s.wan jeweleries and other tons more. There’s also a store called lady lace for people who wanted to decorated their house or even give it as a presents.

You can find all the things you wanted from a thing as tiny as a pea to plasma TV in Carrefour. You’ll see it’s easy to find as it was big and it wrote with a huge letters in front. Usually, they sell animals like hamsters, rabbits, tortoises and others in front of Carrefour to attract a few people to go there. They are very adorable, though.

There is also the entertainment arena which called 'the hub’. There’s cinema, arcade, karaoke and even a bowling alley. I like playing there with my aunty and my uncle.I once go to the cinema with my best friend and watch the sequel of the chronicles of Narnia, prince Caspian there. After that, we stopped for a while and have a lunch at the food court which is just above it.

The surrounding is clean and beautiful. There is also a garden in Putrajaya and it is really relaxing. There are also fountains outside Alamanda. It is wonderful and I love to watch it while I’m eating at one of the restaurant.

Sometimes I really like going around Alamanda just for fun as I really love the surroundings. Well, it is a bit too exciting to type all the things that are happening to me through exploring Alamanda. You should really go to Alamanda and I hope you really love it as much as I do…